Will Kibler

Will Kibler is an all-around technologist, able to figure out most things you put in his capable hands. He hails from the farms of Iowa raised in a tech savvy household. Apprenticed under a Broadcast Engineer stepfather. Will traveled the world installing and troubleshooting AV and computer systems for the cruise industry. After Sep 11 he landed in Chicago where he lived for 10 years working in security and consulting. He then landed a job at the Meredith corporation back in Iowa working in the IT department as a Systems Administrator for sites like Better Homes & Gardens as well as many others “saving the world one cookie recipe at a time”. Will then moved to Michigan where he married and worked in the automotive experiential marketing industry. During COVID Will settled down, purchased a home, and is where you can find him today at Clayton & McKervey.

What was it about C&M that attracted you in the first place?
The corporate but ‘not so corporate’ structure of a professional yet laid back work environment.   

Is C&M what you expected? Why or why not?
Very much more so than what I expected. The recruiters talked up the place but even they did not come close to describing just how welcoming and fun this place really is. 

Was there anything that surprised you?
The real, and very much genuine, welcoming atmosphere all the employees exhibit.  

What are you looking forward to most?
Being part of a team of professionals and making sure they have the best resources available.