Tyler Seman

Tyler is an Assurance Intern, and is currently at Wayne State University and will be entering his junior year this fall.

Day 1

The reason I was attracted to C&M was because of how open and genuine everyone was. I know that all accounting firms talk about how great their culture is, but it was nice to see an accounting firm actually displaying their culture the same way they portray it.

What I got out of the first day was what I expected. There were a numerous amount of smiling faces who were all willing to help me with whatever question I had.

Being in assurance I figured I might get a locker since I know assurance spends most of their time out of the office.  Although I was given my own desk!

I am looking most forward to going out and meeting with clients.

Month 1

So far my experience has been far above my expectations. I definitely did not expect to be out of the office as much as I have been and did not expect to get so much exposure to our clientele.  What I like best so far are the people. Every person that I am out on a job with are more than willing to help me out when I have a question. You can tell that they want you to comprehend the material to the best of your ability.

One memorable moment I have had was the first day we got out of training with Kris. We all had our first assignment and I had no idea how to import a document from my U:/ drive to the binder. It’s cool to see how much I have learned within just a three week span. My first month has been really rewarding. I really like how open and honest people are and the environment of the assurance team whether it be at a client or in the office.

Internship Conclusion

The most valuable lesson that I learned throughout the internship is that I shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. I’ve always been one to figure things out by myself, but that just wasn’t possible to do when being exposed to material that I had never come across before. The fact that everyone was so welcoming and willing to help me when I asked a question also helped a great amount.

I absolutely feel more prepared for my future career. I had never worked in a professional environment before this internship and truly believe that I have learned things work related as well as non-work related that will benefit me a very large amount.

The one thing that I will miss the most is the people. It will be weird transitioning from seeing the same familiar faces for the last 2-3 months to not seeing them for possibly the next year.

I would tell the future interns to just have an open mind and try to learn as much as possible. I would also tell them to make sure they really enjoy their time here because before they know it they’ll be heading back to school.