Ryan Nash

Ryan is a summer intern supporting the SME team. He is currently in his Senior year at Michigan State University pursuing his degree in Accounting.

Day 1

The thing that attracted me to Clayton & McKervey in the first place was the people. After that, I really liked the size of the firm, it seemed to me that you are much more likely to have relationships with your clients, and it is a more tight knit feel.

I would say C&M is what I expected so far, the people have been really friendly and I’m excited to continue to build those relationships throughout my internship

Nothing has surprised me yet, but it’s early so there is still plenty of time for that.

I would say I am most looking forward to the opportunity to learn while I am here.

Month 1

So far, my experience has been really good. I’ve gotten the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects, which has been a great learning experience and it has also given me the opportunity to see some of the different jobs that get done throughout the firm. What I enjoy the most about my internship so far is the people I get to work with. One particularly memorable moment would be out outing in Royal Oak. It was a lot of fun to get out with the other interns, and first year hires. Overall, my first month has gone really well. As I stated earlier, the people are great and you get to work on a wide array of clients, which is very interesting to me.