Rosie Hayes

Week 1

Hello! My name is Rosie Hayes and I graduated from Grand Valley State University in April, 2019. Although I completed all of the requirements for my B.B.A. in April of 2018, I spent an additional year taking general education classes in order to reach my 150 credit hours required for the CPA certification. I have completed two summer internships with Clayton & McKervey, once in 2017 and again in 2018. This will be my first busy season coming up in January, and I’m excited to see what will come from it!

I was scared to go through the accounting recruitment process—I had become accustomed to the college classroom setting which was very laid back and not too stressful. Recruitment, on the other hand, was business professional and serious. I wanted to work for a company that made me feel comfortable and at home, and C&M was just what I was looking for. Right away I noticed the recruiters were easy to talk to, just like a classmate or friend, and our conversations were effortless. I ended up accepting my 2017 internship offer as soon as they called me, I could tell from the start this was my firm!

C&M is what I expected and more. My coworkers have been helping me get acquainted with the firm, they invite me to lunch, and answer all my questions. I like that a majority of the employees here are young as well because I feel more comfortable reaching out. Overall, I think week one is going well!

Believe it or not, I was most surprised with lunch! A large portion of the firm takes their lunchbreak at the same time, and instead of eating at our desks we all go downstairs together and bring it back to the kitchen area. I really enjoy this because it gives me a mental break and I get to make friends in the process.

I’m looking forward to seeing how much I learn in a year. It will be cool to look back at what I wrote in these journals and see how I progressed!

Month 1

I have had a great experience so far. Although it has only been a month, I’ve been out to fieldwork twice. I expected to work behind the scenes for the first couple of months, but I’ve already been given the opportunity to jump right in and work hands on with the client and my assurance team.

I like that I get constant feedback. I meet with a senior or manager every couple of weeks to discuss how I’m performing, and I voice my questions and concerns. These feedbacks are completed on an online platform so I can always look back at what my senior/manager said as a reminder on what I should improve or continue to excel at.

We recently had a holiday party in Detroit that was very fun! It’s an easy and laidback way to get to know managers and shareholders that I don’t work directly with in the office.

I really enjoy life at C&M. I figured the corporate world would be very intimidating but I’ve felt very welcome here! It’s definitely a place I’d love to stay long term.