Reem Meheidli

Week 1

Through the career fairs and recruiting events at WSU I first learned about Clayton & McKervey. My first experience was at the summer Reach Beyond program. The program allowed me to interact with the staff and learn about the firm and its values. It was evident that C&M cares about their staff and their growth.

Walking in on Monday morning I was very nervous, the C&M staff welcomed me and helped calm my nerves. By the end of the first week I felt very relaxed and comfortable. On Friday, the assurance team had an outing to celebrate the end of the 401(k) season. It was a very fun outing that allowed me to bond with my team.

C&M is definitely what I expected. The environment is hard working yet enjoyable where women are given equal opportunity for positions in leadership. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can and gaining experience in the audit field.

Month 1

During my first month I have continued to go through various trainings. This month has really focused on exposing me to the software and the various types of testing I will do on audits. I have really enjoyed the positive atmosphere and the people.

The most memorable moment I have had was my first inventory observation. It was a good experience that helped me understand the bigger picture of the inventory testing I was working on. Overall, I have had a very positive experience this past month. I am looking forward to gaining more audit experience and continuing to pursue my career at C&M.