Momina Khalique

Week 1

I recently graduated from Wayne State University and accepted my full time offer with C&M a few months prior. C&M’s company culture is what attracted me—everyone is so nice and invested in making sure you succeed as an employee. C&M is also very passionate in the work they do and constantly look for ways to improve, regardless of the amount of success achieved.

C&M is what I expected so far—lots of trainings and helpful hints to get you adjusted to the work environment comfortably. My first week was filled many helpful hands walking me through trainings. Everyone was super patient and helped calm my nerves when I felt like I wasn’t understanding something. I also really liked how a mock engagement is included in the training because it allowed me to collaborate with others and actually apply what I learn.

I was surprised by how openly everyone in the firm communicates and also how engaged everyone is with one another regardless of one’s status—it truly is one of the friendliest work atmospheres I have experienced!

I am looking forward to being on a variety of engagements my first few months to help enhance my accounting knowledge. I am also looking forward to getting to know all my new colleagues better.

Month 1

My experience at C&M has been great so far. All of my colleagues have been really helpful and patient with my learning process. I was glad to have been able to work on a few clients already and actually apply some of the skills I was trained on. The new hire trainings were really hands-on and detailed, and the constructive feedback I’ve received from all different levels have been really helpful.

The best thing about working at C&M is being mentored by people who are so invested in my growth and success both professionally, as well as personally. Everyone is really accommodating and easy to talk too!

A memorable moment for me was bumping into Don Clayton at the Christmas party and getting to know a little about him. It’s really nice to see his eagerness to get to know everyone that works at C&M.

Overall, my first month at C&M has been great, and I look forward to learning even more and building more relationships with my colleagues over the upcoming months.