Molly Brueggeman

Detroit Accounting CareersMonth 1

My experience has been nothing short of learning and growing as a business professional. During my time here, I have been able to apply accounting concepts and develop knowledge about the different programs we use. I am able to interact with clients and be a part of the team. One of things that I like best at C&M are the people. I am surrounded by individuals that want me to succeed and encourage me to do my best. The people here are inviting and create an enjoyable work environment. One particular memorable moment that I’ve had at C&M reminded me of how close-knit the firm is. A couple individuals from our firm were working down the street from us while out at a client. We were all able to meet together for lunch and reconvene with other team members for a portion of the day. Little things like that constantly remind me of why I am happy to be here. Overall, I have had a great experience at C&M and I am excited to see what else comes of my internship.