Matthew Biehl

Matthew Biehl is a graduate of Marquette University and currently studying for his MST at Walsh College.

Day 1

Throughout my education in accounting, I had always enjoyed learning about the various tax forms and the laws that corresponded.  Now that my education is complete, I am looking forward to gaining hands on experience through the tax department at Clayton & McKervey.  C & M’s tax department covers all aspects of a tax engagement.  Many accounting firms do not offer the opportunity to be hands on in most facets of an engagement.  Therefore, C & M looks as if it will be a great place to start my career in taxation.  I am excited to work with a new group of people who are kind and knowledgeable in taxation.  The tax department was surprisingly helpful in learning the new software and layout.  I learned a lot in my first week and plan to learn much more throughout my time at C & M.

Month One

My first month at Clayton & McKervey has been better than I had hoped.  The tax work is flying in the door which keeps me busy on a daily basis.  I have worked on several engagements thus far and have worked with different people throughout the office. One of our team members stayed extra late one night to help me finish an engagement they weren’t even working on.

One of my favorite aspects of C&M is that everyone is enthusiastic to answer any questions I have. There are many situations where I do not fully understand a concept, and co-workers do not expect me to know everything.  This was a worry of mine when I started. I have learned a lot so far at Clayton & McKervey and it has just been one month!