Maggie Rogers

My experience at C&M has been great! I’ve been learning and performing R&D Tax Credit studies with Bryan Powrozek, senior manager and a driver of the Industrial Automation practice. Each client provides us information and data unique to their business, so I’m learning something new about our clients and how they operate day-to- day. I also just started on a project with Ben Smith and the consulting team, specifically in Transactions Services. I’ve gotten great experience in two unique service lines at C&M within the first month of the internship.

I love coming into the office during the week and having resources readily available to use to get client work and projects done. The office has plenty of space, is very welcoming, and is in a great location. I also enjoy seeing people from other departments in the office as well. You’re jumping into something new every day which has challenged me in so many ways, but has also helped me get out of my comfort zone and grow as an individual and team member.

No particular memorable moment comes to mind, but everyone I see in the office, no matter the department or level, are always stopping by to connect and introduce themselves or say hello. Everyone is willing to take time out of their schedule to say hi, offer support and answer questions, or just have a chat during the day. This is something I’ve come across daily at C&M, which has helped myself as an intern and aspiring business professional get out of my comfort zone and take initiative.

Overall, it has been a great first month at C&M. I’ve learned so much already and am excited to continue this summer!