Lindsey Pieper

Lindsey is about to start her fourth year at the University of Denver where she is on track to completing her Bachelor’s in Accounting. She will be applying to the university’s dual degree program where she plans on receiving her Master’s in Accounting. She is excited to be working at C&M for the summer and is looking forward to gaining valuable Accounting experience in a fun and upbeat working environment.

Day 1

I heard about C&M from a past employer, and made the decision to apply for an internship position after researching their firm. Reviews sounded positive, but because I had not previously heard of them before I had no clue what to expect. When I went in for my first interviews, I was instantly greeted by C&M shareholders and employees. They made me feel welcomed from the very beginning, which drew me to accepting the internship offer. I also have to comment on the creative layout of the office, as the international theme creates an exciting atmosphere. As I prepared for my first day as a new intern, I was both nervous and excited. I was nervous because I was not sure exactly what to expect and what would be expected of me as an intern. However, my excitement for the position was greater than my nerves because I knew that the positive attitude that embodies C&M would be enough to help me settle in. I was surprised to see the amazing layout of food as the other interns and myself began to arrive. Shareholders and employees were beginning to introduce themselves and conversations became more natural and relaxed. I began to feel more at ease for the rest of the day. We went on to learn about the software, office policies, and office layout while asking questions along the way. I am looking forward to meeting everyone else at C&M and gaining valuable, hands-on experience in Accounting.

Month 1

I have been interning at C&M for a month now and cannot believe how quickly time has flown by here. In my experience, they have made such a great effort to keep me busy.  Staff members make sure I always have enough work to do, and when my workload lightens, someone always finds something more for me to work on. I have noticed that the types of questions I ask are becoming more substantial, and the amount of questions I ask is starting to decrease. However, I have never hesitated to ask a question because everyone stresses how important it is. That is one of the best things I enjoy about working here: the people. I have only encountered friendly, hard-working, and ready-to-help attitudes during my internship. These attitudes extend outside the office environment as well; as I recall one of the intern and first-year staff outings we took recently. C&M took all of us out for appetizers and then to the Great Escape Room, where we were put in teams and had to work together to find our way out of the room. Although we were a minute too late to escape, I got to know more about the people I have been working with and spend time with them in a non-work environment. Overall, this experience has been very beneficial. I hope to improve even more in my accounting skills and knowledge, while getting to know even more of the staff here.