Lauren Murray

Hello! My name is Lauren Murray and I am going into my third year at Grand Valley State University. I’m an accounting major with a minor in psychology and I am an assurance intern this summer at C&M! Besides working here, I love listening to music (especially classic rock), playing video games, and hanging out with friends and family. I was first attracted to C&M because of its focus on growth within the company! When I was looking for internships initially, I wanted to work for a firm that I knew would value my contributions. C&M is a great place for this. My time at C&M has been a whirlwind so far! This first week, I actually came down with COVID-19; I have been virtually working this week (hence the gym gear behind me). This hasn’t been what I expected going into this internship, but everyone has been so accommodating and inclusive when they can be. I was surprised by how relaxed the workplace is. This isn’t a bad thing! What I mean by this is that I really appreciate how no one is very high strung. This would have made me uncomfortable with all the new material I have to learn. The higher-ups expect interns to make mistakes, just ask questions so you can be sure to fix them. I’m looking forward to working in the office! I’m ready to make those in-person connections that I have been wanting to make since I signed the offer to work at C&M. I can’t wait to dive deeper into projects and see what they have in store!

Month One:
My experience has been better than my last journal entry! I am finally in the office and talking to people face-to-face. It has been great to connect with my co-workers this way! I love catching up with my fellow interns on my team while we’re working on a project together. I can’t believe that I have about a month left of the internship. Time really is flying by!

My favorite part about working at C&M has been the people I work with. Everyone here is so kind and is willing to help whenever I need them to. It really keeps me motivated knowing that such incredible people are counting on me to get my work done!

One memorable moment for me would be when the AC broke in the conference room that the assurance team is working in this summer. I don’t know what happened, but after trying to turn the AC down one day, the heat kicked on and it felt like it never kicked off. We had a box fan by our door to try to keep us from melting (thankfully, we didn’t).

Overall, I have enjoyed my time at C&M! Like I said earlier, time really has flown by, but I’m excited to keep learning new things every day!