Jason Fedak

Working at Clayton & McKervey is a blast. When I was searching for a new public accounting job, C&M caught my eye with it’s highly rated work atmosphere and friendly appearance. This became even more apparent as I went through the application process. Everyone I talked with was not only friendly, but relaxed and confident. It was clear from there that I would enjoy my time in the office and learn a lot from the professionals at the firm.

Once I got started working, I was surprised at how quickly onboarding was complete and I was working on real assignments. Most of my experience has come from solving real problems and working on actual returns, rather then neat practice problems with clear solutions. While a bit more confusing at first, everyone was willing to help get me up to speed. I can really feel the difference between my current skills and what I had originally brought from my previous education. And best of all, it felt completely doable. Everyone was ready and willing to assist in my professional development and help me work towards becoming the best accountant that I can be. I never got stuck for long, and frustration was kept to a minimum because of the support of my coworkers.

And when we are done with the professional work, they are just as good to be with at our social events. I fondly remember the night during busy season where we all got together to play a game of Family Feud. It was a great time interacting with and collaborating on something that wasn’t just the work, and after having our noses to the grindstone during busy season it was just the kind of breath of fresh air we needed. Clayton & McKervey continues to be a great place to work, and I am excited to be a part of the this team!