Eric Standing

Week 1

It is exciting to take a semester off from school, and I couldn’t be more excited to spend my time at Clayton & McKervey. What attracted me to C&M was their energy. They just seemed different when compared to other large accounting firms. Everyone at C&M is extremely friendly and everyone already knew my name. It is a little overwhelming at first because I didn’t know who anyone was. Clayton & McKervey is what I expected it to be which is fun and inviting. I’ve been through an entire week of new hire training and I still enjoy it! The staff is always willing to help you and encourage asking as many questions as you can. I am looking forward to diving into busy season and getting my first assignments from the tax department.

Month 1

Over the past month I have really enjoyed working here at Clayton & McKervey. A lot of new things have been thrown at me this past month and it is always nice to know that the staff are willing to help you so as to not get overwhelmed. What I like the best about working at C&M is the flexibility in hours. Being a morning person I like to get to the office early, what is nice about this is if I want to leave a little early that is ok, as long as I get my work done. My most memorable moment over the past month was doing my first 1065 for a client. It was fun to apply what I have learned in school along with what I learned in training and apply it to my job. My first month here has been very enjoyable!