Emma Reinhold

Week 1

I am enrolled at Eastern Michigan University in the Accounting – 150 hour program. I will begin the Graduate portion of the program in summer 2019, and I will graduate in April 2020. After that, I plan to begin studying and sitting for the CPA exam.

I was initially attracted to C&M for the firm’s international reach. When I began college, my major was International Business with a focus in Accounting. I changed my major to Accounting – 150-hour to take advantage of the streamlined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree that you can obtain with the 150-hour program, but I still have an interest in international business. After attending Reach Beyond, I was drawn to the small size and family atmosphere that C&M offers.

After one week at C&M, it is better than I expected. Everyone is very friendly. I was surprised how many people knew my name already! I’ve learned a lot in my first week, and although the training has been a little overwhelming, the mock engagement has been fun. Looking forward, I am excited to start fieldwork, as something that drew me to pursue audit was the client interaction. I am also looking forward to the travel opportunities that I have, like traveling to Alabama for fieldwork.

Month 1

My first month at C&M really flew by! After training was over, I felt like I hadn’t retained much, but as I got started working, I felt things coming back to me and I was thankful that we spent two weeks in training. It felt overwhelming at the time, but it was worth it. Beginning my first week of real work, I was nervous about what I’d be doing because I didn’t have anything officially on my schedule, but by asking around for work, I was able to get exposure to a few different aspects of audits and reviews. I enjoyed the work I was doing, but I still can’t wait to get out in the field!

Overall, I’ve sincerely enjoyed my first month at C&M. The culture here is unlike any other office I’ve been in. Just like I said in my first week, everyone is so welcoming, kind, and fun. And if that’s not enough to make you want to stay, the food and snack selection is incredible.