Emma Bednarczyk

Week 1

My name is Emma and I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in accounting in April of 2019. I completed an internship with C&M back during the busy season of 2018. I was fortunate to have received a full-time offer after that. This made it so I didn’t have to bother with fall recruiting which made things much easier on me during my last year of school.

I was initially attracted to C&M because I could tell they were different. I interviewed with other accounting firms, including Big 4, and I didn’t feel like they were invested in my success. I felt like they just wanted to fill intern positions. This was not the case with C&M. They made it clear that they wanted me to succeed and I felt at home with the culture here. After working in a family owned business with a great culture, I knew that liking the people you worked with was a big part of liking your job and I feel that I have found that at C&M.

When I came back as a full-time Staff Accountant, I was instantly welcomed back by everyone and I was surprised by how much I remembered a year and a half later. I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things and getting that satisfaction of helping others and completing a project. I am also looking forward to building relationships with my coworkers, clients, and fellow new hires.

Month 1

My first month full-time at C&M has flown by! So far, it has been nothing but good experiences. I was able to go out to a client my second week to help out during planning fieldwork which I thought was great. I’ve also been able to help out with an internal project with my previous manager that I had during my internship. The fact that he asked for my help on this larger project made me feel included and valued as an employee.

I really love the work environment here at C&M. They are accommodating, flexible, and value open communication. This makes it easy for people to communicate if they’d like to take an extra day off during the holidays or if they need to leave work early to do something. I really love the flexibility here and it’s nice that I don’t have to rush to be at work at a specific time every day, unless I have a morning meeting. Overall, my first month has been great and I’m excited for what’s to come.