Elly Mioduszewski

What was it about C&M that attracted you in the first place?
I was looking to get into a company where I could create positive change internally and externally with clients through digital transformation strategy. Everyone who was part of my interviews was also very kind and welcoming. The role I am in now and was interviewing for would also allow me to be part of a growing segment which was and is exciting.

What has your experience been like?
Overall I have learned a lot in the past several months. At C&M you are able to wear many hats and become very visible and impactful in the organization right from the start. I have been pulled into conversations and projects as a new team member where my background and expertise has been called on. You’re more than just a number here and have a seat at the table to influence change.

Is C&M what you expected? Why or why not?
I really did not know what to completely expect when joining C&M. I joined during the pandemic, completely virtually at first, after talking to a handful of people. I had conversations on culture and expectations and what the work might look like. If anything it is much more than I understood. The firm is very growth minded and is jumping on the digital transformation train. The people here are welcoming, kind, hardworking, and collaborative.

Was there anything that surprised you?
I am constantly surprised about the work that C&M is doing to expand their reach to new markets, states, and countries. The firm may be considered small but their reach is not. C&M has their hands in podcasts, thought leadership, and conference presentations; while headquarters is in Southfield the reach is global.

I was also surprised about the use of predictive index to understand how to work with all team members. It is refreshing to be in an organization that recognizes not everyone is wired the same way in terms of personality and working style and uses that to form effective teams.

What do you like best about working at C&M?
The thing I like best about working at C&M is that I can be a part of many different types of projects internally to help the firm and also externally with our clients.

What is one particularly memorable moment?
I enjoyed being part of the leadership retreat, getting that time to meet even more coworkers and collaborate to influence strategy was a great couple of days.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in their career?
Ask questions, speak up, set boundaries: You have a long career ahead of you. Find out if the work you are doing is something you are passionate about and understand your career will be full of many different projects, titles, and maybe even companies. Asking questions will allow you to truly understand the work you are doing. Speak up and let your voice be heard to influence positive change. Set boundaries that allow you to be present in all aspects of your life.