Drew MacColman

Week 1

From the beginning the thing which struck me about C&M was the friendly, and welcoming culture. From my first contact through all of my interviews I had a good experience meeting people who cared, and exemplified everything I was looking for in a family friendly work environment. The idea of a smaller firm always attracted me because it allows for a more personal work experience by getting to know those in your office at a higher level. Throughout the course of my first week, and back to my internship last Summer C&M has been exactly what I was looking for. I enjoy my work environment, and the people I share it with. If I ever have a question, or need assistance there is always somebody who I can ask, and expect help. The thing which has surprised me the most so far is how much I have learned on the job through hands on experience. This experience I believe has helped me to be able to grow as an individual into my career path. Going forward I am continuing to look forward to gaining knowledge and job experience to help me out in my future careers. Also, I would like to continue building relationships through work.

Month 1

My experience has been rewarding so far. It is nice to be able to come to work on a day to day basis, and work with colleagues that you enjoy being around. I am learning a great deal through my work, and interactions with clients/colleagues as well. I find myself doing new and interesting work throughout my workdays, and by working in the SME department I get a nice variety of work as well. I believe by starting in a department like our SME department I am gaining a great all around understanding of the entire accounting process from financial statements to tax returns, and everywhere in between. I feel as if this a great opportunity and place to start my career in public accounting.

If I had to choose one thing I liked most about working at C&M I think it would have to be the overall flexibility which comes with the job. It is nice to be able to work around important events in my personal life, and have everyone at work be understanding of these situations. This has made the transition from school to work an even easier task to undertake.

I can’t pinpoint one exact memorable moment which stands above all of the others. In fact I have had many memorable experiences with the firm so far, whether that be going out and working with a client I really enjoyed, our Michigan/ Michigan State lunch where we were all able to get together to discuss the game, or even just the interactions I have had with my colleagues on a day to day basis. All of these stand out to me as memorable in my own way.

Overall, I have enjoyed my experience here at C&M so far. I feel like I am learning a lot, and am being prepared for this upcoming busy season. It seems like I always have a helping hand here to help guide me through my professional growth and development. I am excited to continue to grow both personal and within the firm, and I believe C&M is a good place to achieve both of these goals.

Month 6

My past six months at C&M have been invigorating. I feel that every day I have come to work has served a purpose, and that is a refreshing feeling. I am always eager to begin working on my next project, meet a new client, and continue to build relationships with my co-workers. I believe that this word is an accurate description of how I feel completing tasks, and working on a day to day basis.

I don’t think I would say I have mastered any skill so far in my career, but I believe I have made my greatest strides in time management and prioritization. I believe successfully completing my first tax season was instrumental in this since I had to work on multiple projects with various clients, and different seniors on the majority of my assignments concurrently.

I would advise somebody just starting their career to make sure that they go in with an open mind, and are willing to learn from all successes, individuals, and most importantly their mistakes moving forward. By being able to keep an open mind I believe you are able to learn that much easier.