Danielle Bogedin

Week 1

The size of C&M is what I was looking for, not too small but not too big. I liked what I had read about the company online and was interested in the position available. From the initial phone interview to the in office visit, everything we very smoothly and everyone I had spoken with just reassured me how great of a company C&M is. The office culture was also very appealing.

The firm is what I expected and more! There is only so much you can learn about a company through reading about them online. There are so many little things that I have learned about C&M in the past week that make this company a great place to work. The people also make a huge difference. Everyone here is willing to help and are just overall very pleasant and nice to work with.

The amount of training we receive right off the bat was a pleasant surprise. There is a full week of onboarding training to help you become familiar with the office, the software, and the process of doing things. It helped relieve some uncertainties about what my future job entails and helped answer a lot of questions.

I am looking forward to getting to know my coworkers more and gaining experience/knowledge in the accounting field.

Month 1

The past month has been a lot of learning and familiarizing myself with the different software and office procedures. I have done a number of smaller jobs or projects since this time of year it is not as busy. It is a nice way to ease into everything and work with a variety of people.

I really enjoy the overall atmosphere of the office and the people here. The office has a very positive and friendly feel and the people here are nice to be around and to work with.

The most memorable moment I have had in the first month was probably when I did my first tax return and everything balanced and worked out the way it was supposed to lol

Overall, I have really enjoyed working at C&M this past month. I think this is a great company to work for and I am looking forward to my future here.

Month 6

I would describe the past six months as informative. There has been a lot of new information thrown my way and I have learned a tremendous amount of new things in the past six months. I have learned something new almost every day and you continue to learn every day.

I think the most valuable skill that I have mastered is time management. I thought I was good at managing my time before, but working here has made me even better. You are given various projects to work on at one time, with various deadlines, so you learn how to manage your time and prioritize things.

My best advice for someone just starting out in their career would be to be open minded and willing to learn and grow. No one starts their career as an expert, so it’s okay to make mistakes, ask questions, and be confused at times.