Carolyn Schweiger

Week 1

I was first attracted to C&M when I was going to OU. Every Thursday, an accounting or finance company comes to our campus and gives a speech about their firm and then a relevant topic to discuss. This was a few years ago, but I always remembered their name because I liked what their company stood for. I eventually came for an interview and accepted an internship. I’m glad I did because the people are so nice, and they truly stick to their core values.

C&M is everything I expected they would be, from seeing them on campus to touring their office. There isn’t anyone you can’t ask for help or just chat about your day with. Starting my full-time job with them remotely is so different than any other start I have had, but everyone is understanding and willing to jump on a call at any time to help me through an issue I am having, or just to chat!

I was surprised at how easy a remote start would be. Since I am at home working by myself, I was afraid I was just going to be thrown into work and having to reach out multiple times to figure out what to do. It does help I am familiar with most of the things I am doing from last year, but everyone tries to explain as best as they can what I have to do so I don’t feel overwhelmed.

I was also surprised how much we would be calling and skyping each other. It is so nice to have human interaction with your coworkers during these strange times. I am looking forward to getting back into the office and seeing everyone in person!

Month 1

My experience so far at C&M has been so different from my internship, but so similar at the same time. Being that we are not in the office right now, it is hard to not be able to walk up to someone’s desk and ask a question or just catch-up. However, I am grateful I had my internship because I know most everyone I am working with, and they are all so willing to answer any questions I have, whether it be through email, messaging, or having a skype call! So far, I can say my experience has been what I had expected of the work, and the remote start-up.

I think the best thing I enjoy most about working here, is that people are willing to talk about what is going on in mine and their lives when we have check-ins during the week because of this different way of working right now. It isn’t all work every time you get on a call, and I enjoy being able to catch up with coworkers that we would normally be able to get to do in the office.

I think my most memorable moments would have to be the Friday “Happy-Hours” we have with the assurance team. It is a great way to end the week and talk to everyone in a casual setting.

Overall, my first month has been so different from another other start of a job I have had, but still very good! Can’t wait to see what my future holds here at C&M!