Brent Cartwright

Brent is an incoming senior at Hillsdale College, where he is pursing a B.A in Accounting. This is his second accounting internship

Day 1

I was first attracted to C&M when they were one of the few accounting firms to interview on my college campus, Hillsdale College. Everyone was very friendly and took a real interest in getting to know who I was. Other things that drew me to C&M is that it is not a huge firm where you could get lost in a crowd.  There would be more responsibility and the culture of the firm is very open and kind.

So far, C&M has been, for the most part, what I expected and they have done a great job of training and making me feel prepared for the weeks ahead. I have not really been surprised by anything to note.   I have been impressed with the attention and effort to make the interns feel comfortable and engaged with other team members.

Throughout this internship I am looking to gain real experience and put into practice the concepts and knowledge I have been tested on and learned in school. I hope to grow a greater understanding, appreciation and liking towards accounting throughout the process.

Month 1

The experience at Clayton & McKervey throughout the first month has been both positive and filled with learning. I have enjoyed the opportunities to build and develop as a team member as well as interact with different temperaments, talents, and conversations which have helped further me as an individual and aided me in getting a broader understanding of the firm’s culture. I like being tested and challenged to learn, both of which have been experienced here.

A memorable moment throughout the internship was going as group to the Great Escape room in Royal Oak, which gave a fun break from the work. Overall the first month has been enjoyable and impactful.