Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell

Week 1 

In the fall, I will be a junior at Hillsdale College studying accounting with a minor in Spanish. I also compete on the track and cross-country teams.  C&M stood out to me because of their dedication to bettering the firm from within. The amount of people that have stayed in the firm for years and even decades is a great testament to their dedication to helping the employees grow in their careers.  

C&M is more or less what I expected. I knew that it was a tight-knit group of employees who work hard but seem to have good balance in their lives. The only thing that has surprised me thus far is how little I know. No amount of classroom knowledge can prepare you for the day-to-day work of accounting, so it has definitely been a steep learning curve.

I am most looking forward to the data analytics and recruitment projects that we will be working on this summer. I think they are unique aspects to the C&M internship experience and I’m excited to step outside my comfort zone into fields that are not my specialty for these projects.  

Month 1 

My experience at C&M has been great so far. This is my first internship in accounting, so everything has been extremely new. It has been a sharp learning curve, but C&M has been a great place to learn.  I really enjoy how eager the employees are to help here. Whether it’s a first-year staff or a shareholder that has worked here for decades, everybody at C&M is invested in the development of firm all the way down to the interns.  One memorable moment was hearing Rob Cheyne and DVD reminisce about the good old days when they had a cover band that Dave named “The In Crowd”.  Overall, my first month has been great. I think that C&M is a great place to grow and I’m excited to see what’s in store for the rest of the summer!