Adam Zuppke

Adam is a recently graduate of Oakland University with a M.S. in Accounting. He received his B.A. in Accounting from Michigan State University. During his Masters degree he also completed all portions of the CPA exam, and is now working to fulfill the experience requirement in order to be an official CPA.

Day 1

I received a scholarship from C&M while attending Oakland University for my Masters of Accounting. Previously, I had an internship with one of the Big 4 accounting firms and realized that it wasn’t a good fit for me. While sitting at the scholarship banquet with C&M’s recruiter at the time, I really started to feel a connection that this firm could be a great place to start my career. The recruiter did an excellent job at selling the firm, and it really seemed that they were attacking the growing markets out there. Eventually, I asked if I could have an office visit in the coming weeks. My office visit ended up turning into an interview, and I knew immediately from the office environment that I wanted to start my professional career here.

Clayton & McKervey has so far been what I expected. The environment in the firm seems to model everything that the recruiting process highlighted. The staff have been extremely helpful and are always asking if we have any questions. After spending my first day in the office I realized how close-knit the entire firm is and I didn’t meet a single person that wasn’t willing to help.

I was surprised to see how excited everyone at the firm was to have new employees coming in. They created a comfortable environment from the moment I walked in the doors. Coming into a new job can be intimidating, but the team at C&M made the first day feel very welcoming and laid back. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised of how supportive all the staff were.

I am looking forward to starting my career at a mid-market firm that has such a strong reputation globally. I have been in school for my entire life, and I am eager to apply what I have learned to the actual business environment. I have passed all the CPA exams and fulfilled the educational requirements, and I now must complete the experience requirement. I am thrilled that C&M will be the firm that allows me to do this. It is exciting to know that I will be working alongside other talented staff members that can help to establish my career in public accounting.

Month 1

My experience so far at C&M has been very positive. I really like the people that I work with and the various assignments I have been given to complete. C&M did a great job at preparing us during our training for the actual work we do on a daily basis. After our training was complete I liked how quickly the firm allowed us to start working on assignments. I think that best way to learn something is to try it on your own and then have the opportunity to ask questions as they arise. With that being said, it is very easy to ask questions here because everyone is willing to help.  Everyday it seems that I am learning so much and it is exciting that with each day on the job I am starting to feel more and more comfortable.

The part I like best about working at C&M is how laidback the environment is and how everyone is extremely easy to approach when you need guidance.  Another aspect about the firm that I really appreciate is how smart the people around me are. The work environment here has really allowed me to gain knowledge quickly about this industry. The individuals at C&M have an array of backgrounds and bring a lot to the table. The diverse group of people you work with on a daily basis really helps to create a good dynamic at the firm.

A particularly memorable moment on the job so far has been going out to the different client sites. It is a nice change of pace to get out of the office and be on the client’s premise. Being at the client allows you to gain a better understanding of what it is the client does, and gives you an opportunity to make a good impression for the firm. My first week out at the client, I was given the opportunity to sit in on a client meeting and take notes. This was memorable moment, and I look forward to more of these experiences.

Overall, my first month at C&M has been great. I truly look forward to coming to work each morning and I like that everyday is something new. The firm is always planning activities for us which makes it a fun environment to work in. The specific jobs they have me completing are enjoyable, and it is nice to see how my individual tasks impact the overall audit. As the weeks have progressed, I have started to feel way more comfortable on the job and I have enjoyed the learning curve thus far.  I am excited to see what the future holds for me here at C&M.

Six Months

I feel that in the past six months I have been exposed to an array of areas in accounting. Although I recently started my career here at C&M, I feel that they have put their trust in me to do quality work for our client base. Working at a mid-size firm allows you to see all aspects of your client’s business. Being apart of a firm this size has permitted me to get my feet wet in areas of audit that a larger firm may not be able to give you. Overall, the amount of knowledge and skills I have gained in the last six months is accredited due to the exposure this firm has given me so far.

The most valuable skill I have started to master is the power of Excel. Although I am far from a master in the program, I feel that my skills within the software have increased exponentially. If a colleague asks that I do something for the client, I can usually utilize Excel to perform the request. Right from start at C&M I saw how important it is to be fluent in the program. This is why I made a point to do trainings in my free time and utilize the Internet to get better at using its endless amount of functions.

One thing I would advise individuals on when they are starting their career is to not be afraid to ask questions. It is important to realize that you aren’t alone and you are not expected to know everything when you start in this profession. School can only teach you so much about this complex industry and a lot will be over your head at the start. Don’t be afraid to stop your senior or manager and ask them to explain something that you don’t understand. It is so important that you ask the questions you have in the beginning so you don’t get lost early on. I have found that people are always willing to help, but sometimes if you don’t ask for clarification or guidance, then you may never get your question answered. Everyone at C&M has been open to help, and the staff members at every level are always looking to help their colleagues succeed.